About Us

– Al-Najem company for Investment and Real Estate Development was established in 1410 AH (1989 AD) in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom – Eastern Area – Dammam.

Our march in this field began with a small real estate institution, whose activity was managing property and renting apartments for more than 30 years.

After a period of time, we establish a contracting company in 1433 AH.

By increasing our business and developing a large group of residential, commercial compounds that are compatible with the needs of our customers, we  merge two institutions in one company in 1439 AH (2018 AD) to start our great march in real estate development and investment.

The success of our company and its distinction in this field has been linked to a good understanding of customers’ desires and the earnest pursuit of achieving them with all honesty, clarity, transparency, and credibility.

We consider comprehensively all the details of the projects, and we are aware with our experiences the weaknesses and strengths, and the potentials of error and success in each project. We put in place meaningful and creative studies that will achieve the best possible results.

Our team enjoys high precision and craftsmanship, has real estate and marketing experience that gives achievement with high quality within a specified time frame.

Seek to develop in the real estate field according to the market needs and individuals’ desires.

Providing sophistication projects that provide integrated services with an innovative and modern vision.

Providing the best modern life systems in line with the conditions of luxury and quality and environmental safety.

Providing all necessary facilities for clients to complete all operational work for their projects with high quality, lowest costs and speed of completion.

Choosing the finest and modern materials used in finishing, which preserves the magnificence of shape and design.

Choosing the best locations in terms of proximity to services, living requirements, distance from crowds, and the provision of maximum privacy.

Applying integrity and transparency principles in providing service

We believe in partnership principle and working with you as a team work.

Effective communication with all groups: customers, partners, and suppliers.

Commitment to self and collective development of competencies.

Our customers are the main profit of our company.

Implement with Credibility & creativity

Commitment with international regulations, policies, standards, and total quality standards

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